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Its part of Series I - X. A collection of 5 years of test papers of semester 3 & semester 4. Assembled from 10+ different institutes across South East Asia.

Package Features:

  • This is part of an exhaustive Test Series I - X; a collection of actual question papers from 10+ different institutes in South East Asian region.
  • Each Test Series has 5 years of question papers of two semesters.
  • Test Series As contain question papers of semester 1 & semester 2, and Test Series Bs contain question papers of semester 3 & semester 4
  • This Test Series will help students widen their horizon and practice questions other than their own institutes.
  • A sure way of being self-reliant, no more asking seniors for previous years papers.

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    File size of the package : 116 Mb

    No. of Pages : 193

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Consumer Reviews

By Dulitha Fernando
really cool stuff

By Agus Salim
it?s a nice move to hve seperated sem12 and sem34 papers

By Firoz Khan
never seen such material on the net all at one place

By U Htut Htut Naing

By Laxmi Shenoy
you people should have launched last year I only have sem 3 and 4 to utilize your study material

By Leandro Alejandro

By Adil Khan

By Anju Shetty