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A super workbook of economics containing 250+ questions specially designed for Bschool students. Tough economics concepts now made easy for mgmt every student.

Package Features:

Economics is supposedly hard to grasp initially, but later it becomes quite intersting if one is able to crack the basics of this subject.Therefore, we have introduced 3 workbooks to help students grasp the concept better.

This special material is in the form of a WorkBook and contains solved questions designed specifically for students pursuing management studies.

This material contains 250+ questions, which means ample practice ground for a student to prepare for his exams. A thorough preparation of this material will definitely help you score well in this subject.

The WorkBook here is a collection of actual questions faced by students during their examinations on campus, therefore they are relevant and extremely important.

    File types included in the zipped package : PDF

    File size of the package : 1 Mb

    No. of Pages : 134

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Consumer Reviews

By Yitzhak Arieli
economics as a subject requires a lot of practice and here you are serving us just that - practice material without any fuss included

By Archana
My entire batch has bought the workbook even my seniors

By Ehud Banai
being in an executive MBA class I hardly get time to study..this workbook based study will definitely help me master the subject well

By Tikolo
your product description is correct if we master the material then hardly anything is left for us to worry about during exams

By Tony Ranasinghe
highly recommended

By Hamid Baig
I will pass the exams in flying colours this time I am sure