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A collection of 50 solved cases in Human Resources Management. Must read for all HR aspirants preparing for case based placement interviews and semester exams.

Package Features:

Case Studies are an integral part of any management study curriculum, in the last few years it has gained immense importance and every single management institute now focuses on case based studies.

Keeping that in mind we have compiled cases and their possible solutions (a case may have numerous solutions based on perspective of the solver). These solved cases will help you understand how to go about solving cases and how to look at problems from different perspectives.

Solved case study collection is a treasure that you need to have in order to excel in a management course of study.

This is a specialized collection of solved case studies pertaining to the study of Human Resources Management.


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    No. of Pages : 301

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Consumer Reviews

By Nisha Lalwani
solved case studies are a rarity and that too in HR!

By Htin Aung

By Akara Adireksarn

By Piyasvasti Amranand
50 cases studies in HR and that too at this price! Whats the secret sauce of your content management?

By Rupesh Godbole
this material taught me how to apporach solving case studies..good job team dongrila

By Habib Qadir
finally cases in HR!! Really cool stuff

By Nazrul Baig

By Nagababu

By Heena
really nice cases and it covers all the concepts in HR..thanks

By Supot Anawatkochakorn
super cool material .. 50 solved cases and it will definitely clear many concepts in HR

By Amish Shah
the cases in the material are just apt for students, some cases are made so complicated that it becomes very difficult to comprehend, forget about solving them..this material is just perfect for HR students

By B Reddy
solutions to cases are rudimentary