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The largest collection of finance questions in a single workbook, with over 1700 pages of solved questions - it stands out as the only complete workbook ever.

Package Features:

Finance is supposedly the most promising specialization in any management course, apparently a few chosen ones opt for it and the rest fear it for lack of conceptual knowledge.

FINANCE FOR ALL, that is the idea behind introducing this super exhaustive WorkBook that we call the Finance Bible.

This special material is in the form of a WorkBook and contains solved questions designed specifically for students pursuing management studies. If you take time out and practice the workbook sincerely all your concepts will be cleared and you might even opt for a finance specialization in your second year of studies.

Due to sheer size of the WorkBook we have divided it into 3 parts, we recommend that you solve all three parts for best results.

This material contains 3000 questions, which means ample practice ground for a student to prepare for his exams. A thorough preparation of this material will definitely help you score well in this subject.

    File types included in the zipped package : PDF

    File size of the package : 5 Mb

    No. of Pages : 632

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Consumer Reviews

By Deepa Sinha
this is infact a questions all in one place, I think if one solves all the questions here concepts will be thorough

By Azhar Ali
This is by far the most exhaustive workbook on finance!

By Binod Basnet
really exhaustive and really useful

By Thyagarajan S
as a non finance bachelor I had a fear of solving finance questions bu then this workbook will help me sail through

By Iqbal Athas
very nice workbook

By Abinav Bista
exhaustive and indepth and the best part is that it issolved :)

By Than Shwe
the best workbook to polish all finance concepts

By Aung San

By Arisen Ahubudu