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A collection of 10 cases based on actual industry problems, this solved case study book offers a deeper/clearer understanding of case-based management studies.

Package Features:

Case Studies are an integral part of any management study curriculum, in the last few years it has gained immense importance and every single management institute now focuses on case based studies.

Keeping that in mind we have compiled cases and their possible solutions (a case may have numerous solutions based on perspective of the solver). These solved cases will help you understand how to go about solving cases and how to look at problems from different perspectives.

Solved case study collection is a treasure that you need to have in order to excel in a management course of study.


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    No. of Pages : 28

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Consumer Reviews

By Hitesh Patel
I have only read HBRs and they don?t tell us anything about how to solve a case, it gets really frustrating to solve a case when we don?t have a clue about how to approach a case..thank for this material really relevant

By Jhinjhin Basu
first time ever I have realized what does solving a case means? It is not just answering the questions at the end it is formulating the problems discussed in the case and then building a consultative approach to the whole scenario..excellent material dongrila

By Mohit
after goin through all the 10 cases now I think I now how to solve cases given to me in the class

By Pratap Kadam
this material has gone viral in my campus

By Hong Lim
excellent you guys also provide solutions to HBR?