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The first ever complete Business Plan Kit for management students who actively participate in business plan contests or presenttheir business ideas in forums.

Package Features:

This is a readymade material for those students who take part in Business Plan contests or who actually present their ideas to a set of investors for incubation etc.

Our package is aimed at helping you prepare a robust Business Plan for a greater impact.

All essential ammo is provided in a zip file: BP draft with key pointers Dec 03.doc, Balance sheet.xls, BasicCostings.xls, Bus Check List.xls, Business Plan - Reading Material.pdf, Cash Flow2A.xls, Cash Flow2B.xls, Cash Flow2C.xls, Cash Flow2D.xls, Comp Analysis.docx, Detailed Business Plan.doc, Estimates.xls, Gen contract.doc, Investment to date.xls, P&LBasic.xls, Personal Budget.xls, Start Up Costs.xls.


    File types included in the zipped package : PDF | Excel | Word

    File size of the package : 2 Mb

    No. of Pages : 0

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Consumer Reviews

By Rosihan Anwar
every single student looking to present a paper on business plan needs to store this one for sure

By Aravinda Kadirgama
the excel sheets with the material is just so awesome, it really gives us an opportunity to showcase the entire financial plan so smoothly

By Pachrapa Chaichua
extremely lethal

By Rashid Faqih
no more looking out for sample business plans .. This material provides sample business plans from different sectors and also a word template to build you own plan!!

By Sarath Dehipitiya
perfect recipe for a winner

By Atul

By Rehana Atif
business plan made easy to implement on paper and on excel sheets

By Mitr Chaibancha
if you want to win the business plan contest this is the weapon

By Kan Chun
you are sure to dazzle the judging panel of a business plan contest

By Sarla Jain

By Akash Pratap

By S Bala
the toughest part of a business plan was the financial aspect and this material provides sheets that just needs to be populated by our numbers and projections ? godsend