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This package contains Bond data of rest of EUROPE (ex France etc). The data comprises of 10 Year Bond yields. Presented in a ready-to-analyze Excel format.

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This package contains Bond data of rest of EUROPE (ex France etc) that is : Spain , Netherlands , Turkey , Switzerland , Sweden , Poland , Belgium , Norway , Austria , Denmark , Finland , Ireland , Czech Republic , Romania , Hungary , Slovakia , Slovenia , Croatia , Bulgaria , Lithuania , Latvia , Iceland.

The Bond data comprises of 10Y Government Bond yields. Historical Data of past 15 years upto July 2017.

SOURCE: Tesoro Público | Dutch State Treasury Agency | Undersecretariat of Treasury, Turkey | Department of the Treasury, Switzerland | Sveriges Riksbank | Ministry of Treasury, Poland | Federal Public Service Finance | Norges Bank | The Treasury, Austria | Ministry of Finance, Denmark | State Treasury, Finland | Ireland Department of Treasury | Czech National Bank | National Bank of Romania | Government Debt Management Agency, Hungary | Národná banka Slovenska | Ministry of Finance, Republic of Slovenia | Ministry of Finance, Republic of Croatia | Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria | Bank of Lithuania | Treasury of the Republic of Latvia | Icelandic Ministry of Finance

Presented in a ready-to-analyze MS-Excel format.

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