The Dongrila Story

To start with, this wont be the usual About us, well..its just because the founders are actually lazy enough not to give any input. Founded by this one jobless guy another bored and the last one just plain frustrated with having to wake up in the morning; Name (Dongrila) itself to the few, grown up in the 90s on the staple diet of mid-day movie channels could tell you something about them.

The concept to reality for this was debated and deliberated, I think more vigoursly than by the news hour wonder boy (whom we respect totally.. peace!). The weird part was to witness people brainstorming more about how to fit in the laziness into the main stream business rather than discussing logistics, financials and other fancy stuff but tats who they are.

After countless rounds of misdirected sarcastic comments and cheap toilet humor sessions it was decided to provide food and groceries at flexible timing delivered at doorsteps. The only unanimous decision was - they always paid MRP, their customers wont! The combined weight of the team dongrila and their food consumption patterns could officially classify them as heavyweights. And as industry heavyweights they decided to bring their love of exotic food and lost recipe to the people of gurgaon.

Dongrilia is a concept virtual city which never sleeps, dongrilians work with the aim to provide the highest quality of product and services mix which will make you