Our pricing system runs on our unique credit value method, its simple and convenient. The idea is to provide maximum value for the money spent by our consumers, so we don't charge you per package. Each package is assigned a credit value instead of a price, so users can add as many packages to the cart as they want, they will be charged only INR 99 for 30 credit value. Registered users will get a flat 10% discount on the total amount if their total credit value exceeds 30.

The average price per package for registered user keeps falling with increasing credit value in his cart.

Registered users have the following benefits:

  1. freedom to download the project reports for free
  2. option to carry forward any remaining credit value from current purchases to future purchases
  3. access to our rich newsletters that gives updates on business environment, economy and placement analytics
  4. choose to opt for several Live Projects posted by our associates - mozlow.com
  5. Eligible for offers & freebies from us and our associate websites

It is NOT compulsory to register to buy our packages.

This is a pertinent question we've been answering since the start of the venture. We would like to address this question in 3 parts:

  1. any market data available for free on the internet is stale not just by days or weeks but by years
  2. presentations/data we provide are in an editable ppt/excel format which contains the precise amount of information a management student would need, the same material on the internet is available in a cluttered manner in an uneditable format
  3. the whole idea is to help management students get access to data quickly and conveniently and save on time they have been wasting all these years scraping for data on the net, so the choice is left to the students to either focus on his/her studies or saving INR 60 / USD 1.

We provide 100% authentic market data collected from genuine data archives, the source of all data is disclosed in the product page of each of our products. The workbooks and presentations are made by our inhouse team. Here again, the data is derived from authentic sources/materials from professional archives.

Markets are dynamic and to stay abreast with it we need content that is current and up-to-date. Our endeavor is to always provide an edge to our consumers by offering them current and relevant content. We update our content regularly.

Our website is SSL secured by GoDaddy. ssl secure badge dongrila All the purchases on our portal are done through the most powerful Verisign secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission. All transactions are done through 3D secure solutions provided by our payment gateways. Our site has additional web security provided by the trusted brand of McAfee.McAfee Secure Badge Dongrila

The files provided by us are scanned for any unwanted malware/adware/viruses, therefore our content is 100% secure. Our portal is 100% secured and verified by McAfee. McAfee Secure Badge Dongrila

It goes without saying that you can use the data to prepare your presentations/dissertations and content. The purpose of the portal is to provide data for use to those seeking such data for studies, content creation, dissertation/report preparation.