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Experience informative acoustics; talk-shows by industry experts on matters related to management career. Career management requires so many things like quality networking, knowing your unique value and how to use it, managing your personal brand, and many more. But, If you look at the stock market, the keen investors rely on financial experts or online platforms to help them handle their portfolios based on a number of factors. But, now you can handle it on your own without relying on anything. Just checkout aktien apps aktienboard.com and find the best stock apps.
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Career Advice - Accounting and finance industry hiring trends

- Gary Whattley, Estelle James & Team Sr Consultants - CIMA & Robert Half

Genpact : Career Advice

- N. V. Tyagarajan CEO - Genpact Ltd

Infosys : Advice to young leaders

- N.R. Narayana Murthy Founder - Infosys Inc

TCS : The Career Development program

- Gabriella Zaharia & Team Head - HR - TCS

Career Advice With Summer Interns

- Lloyd Blankfein CEO - Goldman Sachs

Apple : Career Planning

- Tim Cook CEO - Apple Computers

Deloitte : Careers

- Ian Stewart Chief Economist - Deloitte

Starting a Career in Investment Banking

- Gerald Beechum MD - White Cornus Lane Investments

Career Advice - Finance and Investment Banking

- Rick Sopher, MD - LCF Rothschild Asset Management

Samsung : Careers

- Manvir Kalsi, Alex Rodriguez Product Managers - SAMSUNG CORP

Goldman Sachs : Investment Banking Careers

- John Weinberg Global Head - Investment Banking - Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs : Working with us

- Hansong Zhu & Team MD - Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs : Partner Selection Process

- Edith Cooper Head HR - Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs : What they look for in a resume

- Edith Cooper Head HR - Goldman Sachs

Microsoft : Career Guidance

- Sundar Pichai CEO - Microsoft

Citigroup CEO: How I Got My Start

- Vikram Pandit CEO - Citigroup

Infosys : Exclusive HR Interview

- Zeeshan Ramlan Lead HR - Infosys

McKinsey Careers: Exclusive Interview

- Emeritus Nancy Director - McKinsey & Co

McKinsey Careers: Joining McKinsey after MBA

- Katherine, Halvar Etc. Engagement Managers

Working at BCG: A Life-Changing Experience

- The Boston Consulting Group

McKinsey : Life as an Analyst

- Dan Director - McKinsey & Co

McKinsey : Case Study Based Interviews

- Sebastian, Luisa Etc. Senior Associates

Accenture Career Advice : Interview Preparation

- Tom Yemc Senior Executive - Accenture

Steve Jobs on Marketing Strategy

- Steve Jobs CEO - Apple Computers

Steve Jobs on Hiring

- Steve Jobs CEO - Apple Computers

"Why should I hire you": Best Interview Questions and Answers

- Don Georgevich High-Performance Interview Coach