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  • StatisticsworkbookMBAdongrila

    Stats | Workbook I

    A powerful workbook on statistics designed specially for Bschool students. It offers 100 solved questions and guarantees a better understadning of the subject.

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  • stock  market  data  america dongrila

    Mkt Data | Stocks

    This special package contains 15 years of data on stock indices of 21 major stock indices in NORTH AMERICA. Presented in a ready-to-analyze MS-Excel format.

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  • japan monetary data dongrila

    Japan | Monetary

    A Ten year data set of 9 indicators of Japan - Interest Rate, Interbank Rate, Loans to Private Sector, Bank Lending Rate, Gold Reserves, Money Supply M0-M3.

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  • banking sector report dongrila

    Industry | Banking

    A detailed ppt on Banking industry and excel sheet with historical prices, PE, PB, balanced sheet,Mcap and P&L; of top 10 companies in the industry. July 2017. Sample Files.

  • gold  silver  data  dongrila

    Mkt Data|Commodity

    The package contains 15 years of PRECIOUS METALS data; prices of PRECIOUS METALS related commodities viz. Gold, Silver etc. in a ready-to-analyze Excel format. Sample File.

  • BSchool Test Papers dongrila

    Test Series

    Its part of Series I - X. A collection of 5 years of test papers of semester 1 - 4. Assembled from 10+ different institutes across South East Asia. Sample File.